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Artistic concern

I feel an inner drive to paint and I've got the feeling: 'I have to do this'. In everyday life and while traveling, I see 'beauty' in incidental semi-weathered motifs. Further on, it is my concern to make this personal perspective visible to the viewer. And to capture the beauty of decades-old traces of weathering on canvas. In each painting, I strive for a balance between complexity and simplicity: The ideal proportion between vibrant intensity in detail, and harmony of color & form in the overall expression.


The enlarged depiction of detailed sections, so to speak zooming in on the motif, figuratively stands for a closer look in general. Life leaves marks and scratches, which I intentionally emphasize on the canvas. In 'empty lived spaces' people and time have left traces. In figuration as well as in abstraction: In abstract paintings, I look for the powerful energy during the act of painting. In figurative paintings, it is about the timeless 'beauty' of the motifs. The viewer is invited to linger in the contemplation of these structures and energies.

Working method

At first, I record the impressions of the motif for myself: With sketches, photos and color experiments. When it comes to the canvas, I work with many layers of paint, which are applied on top of each other and then selectively are removed again. In order to work out the weathering structures mentioned above. Thus the upper and lower layers combine to form a multi-faceted composition. For example, I build up a mosaic floor on the canvas as I would in nature: First with a layer of stone and earth (tones of earth & grey), then with a layer of sand (beige tones) and finally the layers of color (i.e. the tile elements).

Contact me

If you have any questions about my artwork or concerning a specific painting, please do not hesitate to send me a message. I look forward to getting in touch with you!

I am looking forward to your message!

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