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"At first we were interested in the other pieces of art from the Moorish series with the typical tiles. But then we decided on this painting as it makes you think: Can you see a staircase? If so, where does it lead? Plus the interesting spatula technique, which gives additional depth. “Stairway to Heaven,” as we call it, has become an exciting element in our small collection.”

Fam. Kujawa, Herrsching/Ammersee

(September 2023)


"I was immediately struck by the sweep and fluid movement of the painting; the subtle gradations of color emphasize the vibrancy."


Dr. A. Berz, Munich

(September 2022)


"The two-part-series 'Tendencies in beige, bronze & terracotta' was designed by Mrs. Huss very individually to my preferences. The result far exceeded my expectations. The paintings are an absolute highlight to me and catch me again and again due to their rich facets."


Dr. Jörg Schumacher, Munich
(January 2021)


“I have always liked Isa Huss art. And I am very happy about the two paintings we have acquired: “Small Artist Palette” and “Turquoise Structures”. They bring sunshine/color/joy into my everyday life every day.”

Miriam Dietz, München

(October 2023)


"The painting is the result of the first painting that we have commissioned. The works on the artist's homepage had appealed to us very much. So we met Mrs. Huss in the studio and had the opportunity to look at various originals and be further inspired. She took a lot of time to learn our ideas of shapes and colors and made various suggestions for implementation, which we liked very much. The result has convinced us completely!"


Fam. Hauser, Münster

(February 2021)


"I fell in love with the paintings at first sight: the texture, the bright blue tones and the tension and attraction between them. They radiate good vibes every day. Also, Mrs. Huss was very helpful with shipping."


Christoph Althoff, Madrid

(June 2019)


"I love white, earth tones and natural wood. Our two paintings from Isa Huss 'Golden Wall Structures (I)' and 'Little Ties of Life' fit wonderfully into our ambience. They can be combined in color and style with both old and modern materials/furniture ."


Monika Ostler, Garmisch-


(October 2023)




Dr. Götz Schmidt-Bossert, Nice

(January 2020)


"I love intense colors and had been looking for an art piece with such intensity: With dense textures in various shades of green, as well as dominant accents of pink and eggplant color."


Martina Stocker-Suess, Munich

(July 2020)


"Il n’y a pas un seul jour où je ne regarde avec joie les tableaux à mon mur.
Il sont des compagnons, me donnent
à la fois la sérénité, la force et
l’évasion. Je les adore!"


Marianne Soumoy, Paris

(March 2020)


"I really like your small artworks 'Complementary contrast - red and green'. They are now in a prominent place on the mantelshelf. Thank you!"


Dr. Joachim Bossert, MD, Mannheim, Germany

(January 2021)


"The paintings 'Earth, Black & Structure (I-VIII)' have found their only right destination! This is exactly the ensemble our living room was waiting for and I'm glad that for five years we have never given up the search for the right art series."


Family Haselhorst, Sylt

(May 2020)


"Your beautiful painting 'Peony' has now been given its well-deserved place in my office. I look at it with pleasure every day!"


Martina Heil, Weilheim

(August 2020)

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